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TCANJAMOTO BMW Scorpion  1CANJAMOTO BMW ScorpionCANJAMOTO BMW Scorpion  2                                                                             The Scorpion is a BMW R1200S chassis covered in striking body work by CANJAMOTO, a Canadian company operating out of Toronto. CANJAMOTO stands for Canadian Jamaican Motorsports.

There are no gauges on the Scorpion as all instrumentation is shown on a heads up display.

Different types of windscreens can be fitted to the BMW Scorpion depending on the desired use for the bike.

Street and racing models of the Scorpion are planned for 2008 with the turbo version producing 160hp at the rear wheel.

The goal of CANJAMOTO designer Richard Minott is to create motorcycles that have the presence and feel of exotic cars. Hence the smooth surface over the top of the bike which is intended to reflect the sensation of an exotic cars hood.


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