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Custom Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer

Alonzo Bodden is a standup comedian and a motorcycle enthusiast. And like most of us, (not standup comedians) Alonzo suffered a crash at a race track, damaging his pride possession, the 1098 Ducati. There was the sensible path of the full repair – bringing the bike back to it’s original glory. And there was the emotional path…guess which one Alonzo opted for? With a little help from the master builder, the famous Nick Anglada and some parts from Double Dog Moto, the one-off Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer was created.

Unlike the previous projects by Nick Anglada involving Japanese superbikes and 300mm rear tires, this one is fairly sensible. Carefully chosen components like Beringer brakes, Race Tech suspension and Double Dog Moto rear subframe and exhaust came together quite nicely, creating a harmonious composition.

Check out the funny out-takes from Cafe Racer TV show with Alonzo. The guy is huge, as that 1098 looks like a scooter under him! LOL.

Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer.  1Ducati 1098 Cafe Racer

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