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Yamaha VMAX INFRARED by Jens von Brauck

Here’s one more Yard Built, the Yamaha VMAX machinery in the form of the Infrared, a custom build from German creator Jens von Brauck (JvB).

Jens von Brauck has not tampered with the mechanical aspects of the VMAX, and preferred to change its character by using only aesthetic design language. If anything, some extra grunt can be had from the aftermarket exhaust, which is a 4-into-1 Termignoni sport can.Yamaha VMAX INFRARED  1Yamaha VMAX INFRARED  3Yamaha VMAX INFRARED  2Yamaha VMAX INFRARED  1

However, all the magic lies in the details, as von Brauck was not shy to hack, saw and tinker around the VMAX to turn it into a bike well-worth celebrating the 30th anniversary of the initial model. In fact the very paint scheme harks back to the retro racing livery Yamaha was using back in the day. The overall shapes are a mixture of radical bobber meeting roadster meeting café-racer, but the VMAX DNA is never lost among details.

Aluminium and carbon fiber shake hands in this build, as Jens von Brauck feels equally comfortable working with both. Multiple parts have been crafted in-house, such as the tank cover, headlight casing, the aluminium subframe and the carbon tail section which also incorporates a secondary fuel tank.

One of the most badass features of the Infrared are unquestionably the redesigned air scoops. Jens reworked them from stock units sourced from the original ‘80s VMAX. The bars are also changed, introducing the café vibe. Instrumentation and signals come from Motogadget and Autometer.

It would have been truly great if we could have found out the opinion of Kenji Ekuan, the designer of the original VMAX had on Jens von Brauck’s Infrared custom beast. Unfortunately, Ekuan passed away, as his creation was turning 30.

Source Autoevolution.com

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